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Why are you reading this

does anyone have this weird ship with two characters and u don't know why u just ship it??? //COUGHidkwhybutishipRosalinaandGhirahim??// 

25 deviants said Yessssss
No deviants said no why would i do something like that


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United Kingdom
I have a 3DS, so if you want to add my friend code here it is! 4098 - 5068 - 9629
Please tell me if ur going to add me as a friend and if u do please give ur friend code back!
Games I play:
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Team: Yveltal - Noivern - Charizard - Ampharos - Lucario - Greninja
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS
Favorite Fighter(s): Rosalina and Luma, Greninja, Little Mac, Link, Peach

Chibi made by KuroXara

My name is Naiara. I'm always tired and awkward.
i like many things. if you talk to me u may see me get excited over thing.
all around me are super cute/hot/sexy people. i say to people who aren't so my friend that i'm straight but to my best friends i will admit that i'm probably a little bit bi.
i'm fucking terrible at video games. except mario kart. i'm kinda good at mario kart but i get really depressed when i play super smash bros bc i'm a fucking loser at that game.
i change all the time. still trying to find my footing basically.
i'm a pokemaniac and i obsess over actors and people on youtube. also people who are not real.
i write things occasionally. fuckin high school gives you too much homework. and stress. and anxiety.
anyway if u talk to me i'll maybe reply depends if my brain is switched on or not. i'm constantly daydreaming sooooo
that's it. you read the whole thing. so proud of u baby boo

Stamp - Watch Me by firstfear


Great People

Yo yo yo yo these people are great and they are amazing and they are really friendly
U should go talk to these people. Don't stalk them though. "That's weird" I casually say as my best friend continues to stalk my dA profile ((it's true she told me herself))

Great peopleeeee:

People I know outside of dA (school)

These two are my best friends. Y'all might see them talking me a lot (and u should probably ignore that bc we talk about the strangest stuff) but they're nice people and like things so say hi? say that the bae (aka me) told you to say hi

I wonder what's gonna happen when they read that


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I saw Big Hero 6 today.
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Hey, I just wanted to say that I love your reader-insert oneshots, so I gave you a llama and watched you, cause I hope you'll do more of those. =)

Take care and keep on being you. =)
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Happy Birthday
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