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Night (Link X Reader)
a.n: im a month late but i finally got my nintendo switch !! i am in love with the new game, i think its beautiful (and link is beautiful also lets not forget)
Despite the kingdom being destroyed a century ago, Hyrule still held its natural beauty that could never be ruined, not even by the darkest of evil. The amber sky shone upon the wide green fields of Hyrule, the gentle breeze rustling the grass quietly, as though it was not wishing to disturb anyone. The occasional flock of birds appeared overhead as the sun began to set, casting a warming glow.
Walking alongside Link, you discovered a small, abandoned shed, with a small campfire, and you decided to rest there until morning. Link had found you trying to fend off a small group of bokoblins by yourself, and, with your melee skills with a pitchfork, and Link's almost natural skill with a blade, you managed to kill them before getting injured. You decided to team up and travel the
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Gigglewater (Newt Scamander X Reader)
a.n: april fools yall my joke today is actually posting a fic
You're not quite sure how it happened but somehow Queenie had convinced everyone to go out for a drink at a bar. It wasn't exactly going to go very well; Jacob is a No-Maj and has no idea what's happening around magic, and you, Tina and Newt were much more reserved than Queenie. Also, none of you were really huge drinkers anyway, and Queenie said that everyone should have a night to "Let loose some stress!", with a flirty wink.
And so here you were, sitting around a circular table watching the rest of the wizarding public go by, ordering drinks, sharing laughs, feeling more socially awkward than you have in months.
Queenie and Jacob had already had drinks of firewhisky and butterbeer, both of them shyly yet shamelessly flirting back and forth, laughing louder with the amount of drinks they had. Newt and Tina were in a deep discussion about magical creatures and his new boo
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Crazy (For You) (Norman Bates X Reader)
a.n: ive watched this show in a week im so obsessed aaah
and this contains spoilers for all seasons of the show so watch out !!
also at walker stalker london this year i actually met freddie highmore !! hes the complete opposite of norman lmao, hes super nice and we talked about bates motel and astro boy (my sisters love that film lmao) and hes actually so sweet !! also met nestor carbonell (alex romero) and hes such a BABE omg hes so nice too
When the news had spread about the tragedy of Norma Bates, you couldn't believe what had happened.
The Bates had always seemed happy - at least, happy with where they were in life now. Norma was a lovely woman, you had always thought that. You had seen her before, but you properly introduced yourself when you took the job of the assistant in the motel, taking over from Emma, who had now moved to Seattle with Dylan, Norma's son. Once you began to know Norma, she was a wonderful woman who was alw
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Distraction (Tadashi Hamada X Reader)
He abruptly woke up at his desk, hair tousled and his favorite cap on the floor. He quickly picked it up, ran his fingers through his hair a few times, and placed the cap snugly on his head. He sighed as he looked at his desk, cluttered with blueprints, pens, and a never-ending stack of coffee cups that his friends would so graciously bring to him every day.
"Tadashi? Again?"
Speak of the devil.
He looked over at his friend, standing by his workroom door and holding two cups of the glorious substance. He smiled weakly.
"Sorry, Honey Lemon. I promise I won't do it again."
"Tadashi, you said that to me last time, too. And the last several dozen times you've done this." Honey shook her head with a smile, and walked over to his desk. Tadashi quickly swiped the stack of empty cups into the trash before Honey placed the new cup in front of him.
"Thank you again," He said gratefully, cupping his hands around the coffee to warm himself up. "And I know, and I can't help it. I really, really
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Birthdays Headcanons (Various X Reader)
note: my birthday is coming up soon so i wanted to get into the celebratory mood lmao
these headcanons will include:
- the walking dead group (as of s7 a)
- fbawtft crew
- harry potter
- avengers (+ other marvel characters)
- stranger kids (+ joyce, hopper, and steve x nancy x jonathan (i have to its such a classic poly ship now) )
the walking dead:
- well, you would wake up one light sunny morning at the hilltop, and still, despite everything that is happening, would have tara come bursting in to shout a happy birthday at the top of her lungs, scaring the shit out of you
- maggie had to practically FIGHT gregory to let you have a breakfast from some of the nicer things they have, so basically, cake
- spending the morning happily chatting with maggie, tara and sasha whilst maggie receives occasional dirty looks from gregory, but she takes it like a Pro™
- after having breakfast, leaving the house to look for everyone else only to find they've just returned from a run, carrying cl
:iconsweetiu:SweetiU 7 2
Toned (Peter Parker X Reader)
a.n: because i think we were all SHOOK thanks to tom holland
You and Peter had been dating for a few months now, and you always would stay at each others houses, but you had never stayed the night at Peter's yet. Peter, although he wouldn't admit it, loved staying at your house. Sure, he loved his aunt, but your house was something special. Your room, in particular, had quite possibly the best aesthetic he had ever seen: shelves lined with records, a record player standing proudly by the window of your room, fairy lights hanging around your bed, which gave the room a cozy, heavenly glow, and walls completely covered in posters that displayed your inner nerd (he flushed pink when he saw the Spiderman poster above your bed). Your room had an inviting, chilled out look to it, which Peter loved. It was perfect chaos, as your room as never completely tidy, but it was a nice tidy compared to his room; his desk was filled with comp
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Mistletoe (Newt Scamander X Reader)
The crackling of fire and the sound of a page turning in a book were somehow the only sounds in the Goldstein's apartment right now. Usually the apartment is full of chaos, Jacob constantly marveling at the small bits of magic (and Queenie), Queenie chatting happily to him, and Tina having to dash in and out if MACUSA needed her. Newt tended to stay hidden away in his briefcase with his creatures, but would sometimes emerge to talk about new discoveries he's made.
Usually this whole time, you're trying to read. But you never do read much, as something always happens that breaks your concentration.
But since the apartment is so oddly quiet today, you thought you'd sit down and read. Seems like the best thing to do once you finally have quiet. Not that you were angry about it, you liked living in a lively place, not a silent one.
And since Queenie and Jacob are out all day in the bakery, and Tina is investigating a case with other Aurors, and Newt is, well, Newt, you weren't exactly goin
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Farewell (Newt Scamander X Reader)
note: ok so i absolutely LOVED fantastic beasts !! i seriously recommend seeing this movie, it was amazing !!
also, this contains spoilers for the movie, so if you haven't seen it yet, you probably don't want to read this !!
"So, I guess this is it, then..."
Standing in the harbor, with the occasional squeaks from seagulls, and a gentle breeze floating through, made you realize that some of the craziest days of your life are now over. Even as a wizard, nothing compared to the past few days of your life.
From meeting the man stood in front of you, to having to drag along a No-Maj, to seeing creatures you couldn't believe existing, to having to fight an Obscurus, to facing off against had to admit, you had never had any stranger few days.
And now, standing with Tina and Newt at the harbor, saying goodbye to Newt, made you realize how quickly time had gone.
And you wished badly he didn't have to go so soon.
"Um, yes. B
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Strong (Carl Grimes X Reader)
When they came back home, you could tell something was wrong.
You were sat in your house, by your bedroom window, when you saw them. The RV slowly driving back in, splatters of blood covering the sides.
You saw them limping out together, looking fearful, broken, shocked.
But what shocked you, was when you saw everyone carrying out not one, but two, bodies. They had covered them, so you couldn't see who exactly, but you already had a clear idea of who it was.
You don't remember it, but one moment, you were sat in your room, the next, your feet hurrying to carry you down the stairs, slamming on the wood. Your arms swung the door open, and you stood, in silence, mouth slightly open in questioning.
All it took was one look from the ghostly white Rick Grimes to tell you things had
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Mike's Clothes (Mileven)
prompt no. 48: "Is there a special reason, as to why you're wearing my shirt?"
character(s): mike x eleven
note: ok so ive literally never shipped anything so much and i HAD to write a fanfic about mileven because its literally the purest thing in existence ok
first time writing stranger things ahhh i love this show sm !!
Eleven realized, after a few months of being back with her new family, that she liked wearing Mike's clothes the best.
Sure, she had her own room now (Mike made more space in the basement so she had a real bed, and her own belongings), and she had her own clothes that Nancy had given to her, but she found that liked wearing Mike's clothes because they comfort her.
That week they met, was one of the craziest weeks for both of them. And on the first night, Mike had given her some of his clothes within a few minutes of meeting each other. And she found, as she pressed her cheek against them, that they were one of the s
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Spectrum (Hiccup X Reader)
red .
"Hey, Gobber? Have you seen Hiccup anywhere?" You asked into the small workshop, bursting with dragon saddles and flying gear. Gobber's head appeared out of a huge clutter of metal, and shrugged.
"Sorry, (Name), I haven't seen him all day. You'd think he'd tell you at least, but the kid just..." He began to ramble about Hiccup, scolding him under his breath. You chuckled, and nodded in thanks.
"Thank you anyway. See ya later!" You called out, hearing a clatter of metal and Gobber cursing loudly. You winced, but giggled under your breath.
Just as you walked out of the workshop, a large silhouette zoomed past you, and a large flash of red mixed with a white blur caught your eye. You shrieked in shock, and jumped back, feeling your feet slip and your body begin to fall to the ground.
Before you hit the ground, you felt two arms grab your waist and hold you against a torso.
"Oh my god, I'm so sorry (Name)!" Hiccup's voice, slightly higher pitched due to worry, spoke
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Sleep (Harry Potter X Reader)
pt. 2 of
draco ending:
Harry sat in the Gryffindor common room, and he recalled what had happened to Ron and Hermione.
"So now, not only do you have to put up with Malfoy's bullying and insults, but now you have to fight over (Name)?" Ron said, sounding exhausted just picturing the argument.
"Oh, Ronald, they're not fighting! Not when she already likes someone. You're not fighting over her, right?" Hermione said, looking at Harry with a stern look in her eyes.
Harry sighed and slouched back in his armchair. "I don't know." He said. "But if she already likes someone, I'm no competition against Malfoy."
Hermione pursed her lips. " just have to try. Don't seem desperate to know, just act like you already do towards her."
Ron shook his head. "No, no, I'm pretty sure to get a girl to like you, you make sure you let them know you want them to like you."
Harry gave him a questioning look.
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Revenge (Negan X Reader)
pt 2. of
Time passed quickly, and soon enough, you had found Alexandria. In the time that you were with the Saviors, you had learned one thing:
They were relentless killers.
And Negan, he seemed to be the worst. If anyone placed a fingernail out of line he snapped and would crush their skull with a swing of his bat. It was a tradition for the Saviors to kill someone who stood in their way. And the Alexandrians were no exception.
You were in the newly taken-back-from-the-thieves RV with Negan when they arrived. You had already captured one of them, the man driving the RV with the stupid mullet hair. Dwight was ready to beat him to death until Negan intervened.
As you waited for the Alexandrians to fall into your trap, you sat in silence in the RV whilst Negan whistled quietly to himself, polishing Lucille. You occasionally glanced at him and the bat, thinking for a second how obsessed he is with his weap
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Too Young To Die (TWD Group X Reader)
"There are rules," He began, slowly twirling Lucille in his hand. Blood drenched her; it stuck to her barbed wire, acting not unlike glue. "You earn what you take."
Rick let out a small whine of horror, face pale, and slumped forward in defeat.
"Now, as you can see," He held out his arms to the line of grieving people, large grin on his face. "This is why you don't get in the way of me and my men."
He spun Lucille around in his hand, small splatters of blood flying around him, some landing on the group.
The members of Negan's group remained silent, too stunned to say anything, too afraid, almost. They had seen this a thousand times, yet they still lacked courage to intervene.
Knowing that they would reach that same fate is what held them back.
"Now, if any of you try to kill me right now, I won't hesitate in mixing your blood with your friend." Negan drawled, showing off the dark red
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Post-Con Promises (Dan Avidan X Reader)
a.n: ok i am so sorry if i write them out of character im much better at writing fictional characters than real people for some reason ???
also i know e3 happened like a month ago now but bc of the live show and everything i chose this con. ALSO IM STILL NOT OVER THE NEW ZELDA GAME OH MY GOOOOOOOOD
The sights and sounds of the con filled your senses as you stepped out onto the con floor. It was finally time for E3 to really begin, and to make the day even better, you and your good friends of Game Grumps are hosting a Game Grumps Live show in the evening. You were currently in a group with Barry, Ross, and Holly, the four of you wandering around and looking at the different booths and stalls to buy merchandise.
You had just finished waiting for Barry and Holly to have a picture riding a Chocobo. Holly quickly had her picture taken, and gleefully walked over to you.
"Oh my goodness! That Chocobo is sooo cute, he's a cute little birdie!
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Question (Ghirahim X Reader)
a.n: there's some implied and talked about sexual themes, also the end of this kinda sets up for sexual themes. lmao
"Do you work out?"
He parted his lips to speak, but his face quickly contorted into a mixture of confusion and a look as if to say, "Are you kidding me?". Nevertheless, he scoffed, and crossed his arms over his broad chest.
"What does it matter if you know?" He huffed with a small tone of pride.
"Have you even looked at yourself? You're more shredded than Link, I swear. You look like the kinda guy that never misses leg day." You replied with a smirk. He smirked suggestively back at you, and you rolled your eyes.
"Just answer the question, moron."
"You liar."
He gasped at this, arms quickly standing rigid at both sides of his body.
"How dare you!! Thinking that I, someone who's gracious presence overwhelms you,-"
"Ghir, chill, I was kidding." You said, and you barked a laugh when he halfheartedly glared
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❣ my name is naiara !!
❣ i sometimes like to post any writing i do in my spare time, but i mostly ramble through my journals lmfao
❣ obsessed, with the walking dead, supernatural, the flash, game of thrones, stranger things, bates motel, harry potter, fantastic beasts and where to find them, star wars, marvel, how to train your dragon, rise of the guardians, undertale, legend of zelda, animal crossing, pokemon !!
❣ also, i have a lot of love for a lot of things. thats why i put hearts everywhere.
❣ im bisexual !!
❣ feel free to suggest something for anything listed above !!
❣ love to all ❣

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i beat breath of the wild !! my fav zelda game now, i actually feel rlly sad that i beat the story lmao
alright, i havent done a journal like this for a long time bc i try so hard to be positive but here we go
also i dont know how to be sincere and serious etc

ill admit, im a nervous person. in general. i tend to get very very nervous over things. i cant confidently say its anxiety because i havent been officially/properly diagnosed with anxiety, but anxiety seems to fit my feeling best, so i just call it 'anxiety' even though i dont really like calling it that unless it really is.
ive been suffering with this constant nervousness for as long as i can remember, but it only really started getting worse december 2016.
if you were around at that time, you might remember that my dad had suffered an accident at home, and broke his spine falling down the stairs unconscious. he had fractures and also crushed vertebrae, and was one wrong movement away from being paralyzed. the day it happened, i had a giant panic attack, and i didn't fully process what had happened for days. it almost kept hitting me in waves of shock randomly almost ?? luckily he was okay, was dispatched from hospital a few days before christmas, and he has recovered really well and can walk fine etc
last christmas i dont remember much. it was a lot of nervousness bc my dad was having extreme tantrums and frightening everyone. also that was when carrie fisher died and i loved her so much so i was shattered from the impact of the last week with my dad and carrie's death. really i only remember feeling awful mentally.

so school started in early january this year, and everything seemed to be getting better. my dad was calming down, he was letting himself recover, and i had walker stalker in two months !! wsc was the only thing that was keeping me sane at this time i swear.

i should probably mention now that i tended to get attached to people. like REALLY attached, i was always trying to spend time with my friends even if they didn't want to, always messaging certain people, etc. i dont really do that anymore, but basically i would get attached to people bc they made me feel better about myself, and i had people to make me forget my 'anxiety' for awhile.

in particular, there was this one girl (who i wont name bc IM NICE LIKE THAT) who i was really, really, really close with. honestly, i had a HUGE crush on this girl. i was in DEEP. it started when i was about 14, that was when i realized im bi. but the only problem ?? she's straight and has a STRICT christian family (at least to me, they are). she also knew i had a crush on her, and eventually she started to be more comfortable around me. she would meet me at my house to literally just play video games and cuddle me. it started happening more often, to the point where she would send me messages saying 'i feel really bad today, can i come over?' and it got to the point where, REGARDLESS OF HOW I FELT THAT DAY, OR WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN HAPPENING PERSONALLY/FAMILY WISE, i had to let her come over and spend the day at my house. this was like, every other weekend.

now, back to when my dad had his accident. she came over that day bc she was feeling down again. my mum was panicking, my sisters (who didn't see the accident bc they were in school) were scared, i was freaking out.
but she was like 'oh ok. anyway naiara, lets go upstairs and chill'.
i was idiot i really was. so basically my dad could be paralyzed. but you being sad is more important and i have to stay at home to make you happy even though i was having nervous breakdowns. ok. okay.

it was getting a bit out hand, basically. it was almost like, i wasn't allowed to have my 'bad' days and i was only allowed to pay attention to Her And Her Only.

end of january comes around. she starts making more and more casual homophobic remarks about her opinions and her family. begins making statements like 'poly relationships are just attention seeking and demanding from two other people'. she defended herself by saying, 'well, i would HATE to be in one' which i understand !!! people like different things !!!! thats ok !!! but DONT SHIT ON OTHERS FOR LIKING IT, YOU LOOK LIKE AN ASS !! she made another comment about her parents saying, 'oh, they dont mind gay people, just as long as it doesn't affect them personally'. ok but they know ur best friend is bi right. and that she really likes u right. ok. she also KNEW i was bi, and honestly, some of these comments were beginning to annoy me and the ones about her parents felt like they were targeting me personally. also when i joked around saying if she went in a suit to the school prom 'she could be my date ;^)))' and she got rlly upset with me for saying that.

february starts. im happy !! wsc in one month !! im gonna see chandler riggs again !! i have great friends and a rlly good close friend-

no i dont.
suddenly, she just became really quiet. she wasn't talking to me in class, and ONLY me, she was fine with others. and, of course, like my fuKCING brain LOVES to do, i start worrying. i begin to become nervous for lessons that i have with her. eventually, my other friends begin to pick up on her weird behaviour with everyone, and everyone asks me whats wrong. of course, that makes me worried even more, of COURSE. i said i had no idea what was happening, she just wasn't talking to most ppl. eventually i talk my comic con HOMIE abt it and he said 'ill message her !! see whats up !!'
that didn't work !!!!!!!!! at all !!!!!!!!!!! (ofc i dont blame my homie for this at all but it was a bad idea to ask her basically)

the next week comes around, and she is obviously angry at me. when i ask whats wrong, she exploded. she started shouting at me, raising her voice, pointing at me, etc. me ?? i was SCREAMING INSIDE. because part of this 'nervousness' that i have (what is it called ???? idk someone help) cant handle when people i am close with get angry with me. i HATE confrontations, i want to CRY when people are physically upset with me. i almost did when she yelled at me tbh. my friend was sitting behind us, looking at us like :0

when i got home from school i was cryin for days. seriously. i couldn't believe it bc she was almost like an anchor for me ?? and now i dont have that ?? some of my friends are still being supportive bc they know i get REALLY FUCKIN NERVOUS around her now, but most of my friends haven't really taken it into account that im scared of her now.

but, actually, despite the constant nervous breakdowns, since ive stopped giving all my energy to make her happy, my life has much better ?? like, ok, one thing, wsc was BOMB !! seeing chandler again after all this shit was HONESTLY revitalizing and cleared my skin and i wish i was friends w him honestly he seems like a cool dude
also, tfw you discover amazing shows that have 3+ seasons that you can binge. in this case, bates motel. if u aint watch it, please do its amazing. my friends that genuinely want to be friends with me have stuck close, and i think (??) they understand that im scared around the girl i was close with. i have started becoming more open with my sexuality as well, because i am NOT going to apologize for being bisexual, and i will NOT apologize for someone having a negative opinion of me because of it. the only thing i am going to apologize for, is letting a girl almost control that and use that to her advantage, i am so so sorry to past me that you had to endure all of this, things get better, you'll feel better, you'll meet a cute girl someday i know it.

so basically, what im TRYING (really hard) to say is, sometimes you'll find people close to you are toxic. to you and to your friends/family. letting toxic people go is good. do NOT let the nervousness/anxiety take over you like it is for me. do NOT let the toxicity win, because there is so many toxic attitudes towards each other, towards sexuality, and if someone wants to be toxic, then say goodbye. life will miraculously get better, even if you think it won't because someone was your anchor or your special person. and if you haven't been able to let go of toxic people, just know that life will get better !!

im still suffering from this constant nervousness and i dont know if i should seek help, but until then im going to try my best to not let the girl get to me all the time and try to just,, enjoy myself ??

(ok but if anyone wants some tea on this girl i have more hmu)
had my first exam today ! only 17 left to go :'^)))))
so i finally decided to watch 'the lorax' that everyone is suddenly reviving on youtube
the once-ler song that keeps getting memed is ACTUALLY REALLY CATCHY TBFH
this is a lil late but what does everyone think of dan howell rebranding to daniel howell
im honestly happy for him lmao


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