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lmao hi


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❣ my name is naiara !!
❣ i sometimes like to post any writing i do in my spare time, but i mostly ramble through my journals lmfao
❣ obsessed, with the walking dead, supernatural, the flash, game of thrones, stranger things, harry potter, fantastic beasts and where to find them, star wars, marvel, how to train your dragon, rise of the guardians, undertale, legend of zelda, animal crossing, pokemon !!
❣ also, i have a lot of love for a lot of things. thats why i put hearts everywhere.
❣ im openly bisexual !!
❣ feel free to suggest something for anything listed above !!
❣ love to all ❣

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so i was gonna post a small handful of fics over christmas but im going through a bit of a hard time rn

on wednesday my dad fell down the stairs and has fractured 4 vertebrae and crushed 2 vertebrae, and we dont know if my dad is going to be home for christmas or not as hes still in hospital rn

hes a stubborn guy and keeps refusing nurses and doctors help and not listening to what they're saying (hes wearing a back brace and told to lie on his back, but he keeps shifting from his back to his side and if he keeps this up he could damage the vertebrae even more and possibly could become paralyzed for life), so hes making me feel anxious and nervous and really out of it atm

so im either going to be writing a shit ton or not writing at all depending on how i feel, im really really really sorry but i just,,,just feel so on edge all the fuckin time rn

im writing a marvel fic (i wont say who i dont want to spoil it ;^)) and ill probably do a whole other bunch of christmas drabbles and the like

but i hope everyone has a good holiday and rest of the year :^D 


bates motel is goooood
im on s2 lmao
today after almost about a month of on/off shiny hunting, and 400+ eggs, i finally got my shiny cutiefly.
i cried. i was hatching eggs for a gts giveaway, n they needed cutiefly, and i got my shiny cutiefly randomly. i gasped and my first reaction was to cry lmao
hey !! im doing a shiny giveaway on my instagram @ starryrosalina !! if u wanna try and win a shiny metagross w/ metagrossite, go check it out !!
He abruptly woke up at his desk, hair tousled and his favorite cap on the floor. He quickly picked it up, ran his fingers through his hair a few times, and placed the cap snugly on his head. He sighed as he looked at his desk, cluttered with blueprints, pens, and a never-ending stack of coffee cups that his friends would so graciously bring to him every day.

"Tadashi? Again?"

Speak of the devil.

He looked over at his friend, standing by his workroom door and holding two cups of the glorious substance. He smiled weakly.

"Sorry, Honey Lemon. I promise I won't do it again."

"Tadashi, you said that to me last time, too. And the last several dozen times you've done this." Honey shook her head with a smile, and walked over to his desk. Tadashi quickly swiped the stack of empty cups into the trash before Honey placed the new cup in front of him.

"Thank you again," He said gratefully, cupping his hands around the coffee to warm himself up. "And I know, and I can't help it. I really, really want to make this happen."

"We do too, but you can't lock yourself in here until it's done! When was the last time you stepped out of here?"

Tadashi pondered for a moment, then shrugged slightly. Honey sighed.

"I didn't want to do this, but you leave me no choice." Honey stated, before walking back to the door. She peered around, and yelled, "(Name)!! Come here!"

Tadashi's eyes widened. "Honey, oh no, don't let (Name)-"

"Don't let (Name) do what?"

His words were cut short as you entered the room, grinning smugly. You also had coffee of your own, holding a steaming mug carefully.

"Uh...nothing. But hey, (Name), good to see you!" Tadashi quickly changed his tone to be more cheery. You chuckled, knowing Tadashi didn't mean anything bad.

You and Tadashi met at the beginning of the year, you having moved from a previous university to SFIT. You ended up with the work space next to Tadashi's, and he introduced himself as soon as he heard there was a new student. After several months, you and Tadashi became best friends, but once you did, Tadashi learned something about you.

You liked to try and annoy him whilst he's working.

You would try to tease him, hide his tools (he still doesn't know how you managed to fit his screwdriver in the sink tap), and also annoy him by singing loudly or exaggerating your actions.

The other thing is that he also finds you very, well, beautiful.

After knowing you for so long, he began to realize that he loves you. So when you annoy him by humming sweetly in his ear, or sitting way too close for him to concentrate his heart races and his hands get sweaty and he can't look at you and god you make him feel dizzy.

"Well, I'll leave you guys to it!" Honey sang cheerfully, earning a half-hearted glare from Tadashi. Once she shut the door to his lab, you padded over to his desk to peer at his work. And tease him. It was taking him an awful long time to realize you had feelings for him.

"So what have you got going on over here, mister mastermind?" You asked, setting your coffee down on the table and leaning over his shoulder to look at his blueprints. Tadashi's heart sped up, and he already felt the nervous sensation kicking into effect.

"Uh, just blueprints for Baymax." He tried to say casually, although his voice was a little more squeaky than normal. You smiled, then thought to yourself for a moment. You grabbed the armrests of his chair and spun them so he was now facing you. A red tint adorned his face, eyes widening at your proximity.

"Tadashi Hamada, are you okay?" You asked him, a serious undertone to your voice. Tadashi tried to swallow his saliva only to find his mouth and throat were dry. His eyes briefly glanced down to your lips, and you caught the gesture. You smirked. "So, my little teases getting to you, huh?"

"You have no idea." Tadashi blurted out, his voice deeper than normal. A pleasant chill ran down your spine, and without a moment of hesitation you grabbed the front of his shirt to pull his face to yours, your lips colliding in a sweet kiss. You sighed happily, and Tadashi returned the favor by grabbing your face in his hands gently. Feeling bold, you moved to lightly straddle him, and he made a sound of surprise, his face flushing red, but letting the kiss grow heated. Somehow, somewhere you had ended up gently pressed against his desk, Tadashi trailing hot kisses down your neck, smiling from your sighs of pleasure.

"So, I'm plenty distracting, huh?" You managed to get out as he attached his lips to your collarbone.

"Oh, indeed you are, (Name). Indeed you are." He muttered onto your skin, making you gasp at his hot breath.

Looks like both of you had found a distraction that was plenty better than anything you could do.
Distraction (Tadashi Hamada X Reader)
ive never written tadashi until now so hopefully you'll find this a nice surprise :^D

i swear i keep writing kinda steamy make out scenes in all my fics now i might make a make out headcanon thing lmaoo
or just write a smut (HAHAHAHA GET MY JOKE)

i hope you enjoy !!!

I do not own any of the characters.


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